Monday, April 2, 2012

CC-Vegan Diet: Only Plant Based Roundup

A very big thank you to all my friends for making this Cooking Concepts: Vegan Diet Only Plant Based event a mammoth success.

CC-Vegan Diet: Only Plant Based event received a total of 144 appetizing and superb entries varies in Pulao, Curries, dips, chutney, snacks,rice, soups, salad, breakfast, jams,sweets…..  

Here is the roundup of Vegan Diet: Only Plant Based recipes!!!


  1. wow look at the dishes. so many and so much varieties. wud peep in later
    i had one spinach dish left but didnt get chance or time to put it up

  2. Perfect collection for many new dishes that are quite tempting! Excellent :)

  3. so many entries.. lovely roundup sravs :)

    Ongoing Event : WTML

  4. lovely round up

  5. This is a great roundup... I recently turned vegan and this will be so helpful for me... :)


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