Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Announcing Cooking Concepts # 5 -- Holiday Baking

It’s mid November, The Holidays are upon us – Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year Beginning. I am eagerly waiting for these holidays so that I can get some break from my work and can plan for vacations ,parties and get together’s  :) Hope everyone are also planning for a great fun !!

Coming to this month’s concept is "Holiday Baking". No Christmas or New Year is complete without baking treats!!  So why waiting girls it’s time for baking.
As this holiday mood goes till December end, so I am extending this month’s concept till end of this year.

Happy Holiday Baking!!!

Here are some guidelines

  • Make recipes which fit this month’s concept
  • Please link back to this page. 
  • Both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian dishes are allowed but no pork or beef
  • Use of logo is appreciated
  • Send me your entries to with subject  “CC- Holiday Baking” with below details
      • Name
      • Blog Name
      • Recipe Name
      • Recipe URL
      • Picture

Non-bloggers can also send their recipes along with picture to the above email id.

Last date for entries is Dec 31 2011.
Hope to see you all participating!!!!

Note: Thank you all friend’s for sending traditional and yummy recipes to event CC-Festive Food. I will be posting the roundup as early as possible. 


  1. great idea! the whole blog-world is baking, so why not have an event?! :D Hope to participate!
    Kavi | Edible Entertainment
    Ongoing event: Healthy Lunch Challenge

  2. Happy hosting..sure to send in my entries..
    Looking forward to your participation in -Ongoing Event- Christmas Delicacy(15Nov-31Dec 2011)

  3. nice event.. will try sending my entries..

  4. just mailed you an entry..plz check it out..sure will send some more :)

  5. mailed you another entry :) hope to send some more

  6. nice event,will participate...

  7. I love baking....will definitely send an entry. Glad to follow your blog.

  8. Happy hosting and will try sending some entries........

  9. Great idea! I sent my entry via email.

  10. hey.. is making a cake in the microwave eligible?

  11. nice event ! just sent you an entry !

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  13. Hi !
    Have sent in my entry. I am hosting an event on my blog too-
    Pl participate!

  14. Hi Sravani, great event for the season. Sending in my entries soon.


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