Thursday, September 15, 2011

Announcing Cooking Concepts # 3 – What’s For Friday Dinner?

I was quiet busy with my project work so was away from blogging for a while. Thus a delay in announcing my third month’s cooking concept. 
So this month’s concept is “What’s For Friday Dinner??”.

Friday Night’s are relaxing and fun nights with movies after a long week of work and school. I love to have special dinner which can be done in less time, so that I can enjoy my Friday night with delicious meal and TV.

So why waiting girls send me recipes that you think or like to prepare for Friday night’s dinner.

Here are some guidelines

  • Make recipes which fit this month’s concept
  • Please link back to this page. Not necessary that you need to post the recipe on Friday. You can post it on any day.
  • Both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian dishes are allowed but no pork and beef
  • Use of logo is appreciated

  • Send me your entries to with subject     “CC- What’s For Friday Dinner?” with below details
      • Name
      • Blog Name
      • Recipe Name
      • Recipe URL
      • Picture
  • Non-bloggers can also send their recipes along with picture to the above email id.

Last date for entries is Oct 15 2011.
Hope to see you all participating!!!!

Note: Thank you all friend’s for sending delicious and yummy recipes to event CC-Appetizers. I will be posting the roundup as early as possible. Sorry for the delay!!!!


  1. Happy Hosting. Will try to send my entries soon.

  2. Nice event. Happy HOsting. Have added in my events page. will try to send my entries.

  3. Happy Hosting Sravani ..... Will send my entries ....

  4. Nice event.. Happy hosting Sravani

  5. Nice event.. will try to send my entries soon...

  6. Hi, I sent you an entry for your event.. Will be awesome if you can participate in the vent I am hosting on my blog, it's my first!

  7. nice event and u have a nice collection of recipes..wud sen my entry soon..following u ..:)

  8. A very nice event, Happy Hosting to you !

  9. Hey, I have sent you an entry for the event :)

  10. I send in my entry. Please confirm when you have some time.

  11. First time here, you have a nice space here with some tempting recipes. I will try to send an entry for the event.

  12. Hi,Nice Event .Wish to participate but not able to download the logo.

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