Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mango CheeseCake

Mango CheeseCake is always fantasized me as I didn’t have it anywhere. So I was wondering how it could taste. This is my first trial of a cheesecake and it came out so well. As the season of mango is in and I am all set that I made this dessert.

My love for mango cannot be frazzled enough and tried this scrumptious cake which tasted so heavily. This recipe doesn't require any baking.

Its light silky texture, smooth creamy is fun to make and tastes so delicious which impresses everyone and everyone will surly ask for another lovely bite!!


CheeseCake Base
Crushed plain biscuits – 250 grams
Melted Butter – 75 grams

Cream cheese - 500 grams  
sugar - 1/2 cup  
cream - 300 ml  
gelatin - 1tsp  
mango pieces - 500 gm 


  • To make base mix Crushed plain biscuits and melted butter very well 
  • Once the mixture is done stuff the biscuits mixture in the base of the cake pan and press well on the bottom the cake pan ( bottom of the glass press well)
  • Wrap it tightly and put it in fridge
  • Now make Mangoes ready, Take these mangoes into a blender and blend it very well
  • After blended  like thick juicy and smooth
  • Mix water ( 1 cup) to gelatin powder keep stirring till all the powder mixes well
  • In a mixing bowl take cream cheese , sugar and mix well
  • Add mangoes mixture and blend well
  • Once ready add cream and mix well till smooth
  • Lastly add gelatin water and mix very well
  • Take the tin out from fridge add the mixture
  • Tap well to release the air balloons and 
  • Wrap it again and put in fridge
  • Wait for 8 hours or overnight

Enjoy Cold yummy cheese cake on sunny days

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  1. love the texture of the cake...

  2. Wish i get a huge slice of this droolworthy cheesecake,delicious!

  3. Tulasi ChenchalaJune 10, 2013 at 9:09 PM

    Love mango flavor :)

  4. Such a nice recipe:) Yummy and tempting:) Loved the clicks :)
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  5. This is really amazing!! wld love to try tht..

    Sunandas Kitchen

  6. Amazing and love to have it now...

  7. Mango Cheesecake is absolutely yummy and I've made it twice before. Yours looks so creamy and inviting! nicely done!

  8. Yummy Looking Cake

  9. Sravs..Y u killing me with this beautiful YUM

  10. Thanks for this yummy and beautiful recipe. Thanks for linking at my event:)
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  11. i have been wanting to try cheesecake at home too - this post just reminded me the huge block of cream cheese i bought from costco last month is sitting in the fridge untouched. dammit.

  12. Not a big fan of cheese cakes...feel like having a piece of it though


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