Sunday, January 2, 2011

Andhra Special Junnu

Junnu is a sweet prepared by using cow’s lactating milk, the first 3 days milk of cow after giving birth to calf known as Junnu Palu (telugu). Junnu can be made using Junnu powder. Here I will be sharing the recipes one by using Junnu powder ( which we get in market) and other without using Junnu Powder.

Using Junnu Powder

Ingredients :

Junnu Powder  1 packet
Whole Milk      ½ liter
Jaggery crushed  ¾ Cup (Required based on sweetness)
Elachi Powder   2 nos ( grinded)
Pepper Powder ½ spoon

  •  In a Bowl take whole milk and add Junnu Powder and mix well without lumps
  • Add crushed jaggery so that it mixes well with milk
  • Add Pepper powder and Elachi Powder and mix it thoroughly
  • Now filter the mixture in a bowl which fits in the pressure cooker
  •  Pour some water in cooker and put the bowl inside it
  •  Cook on a low flame without whistle for 20-25mints
  • Refrigerate and serve it.

Without Junnu Powder

Ingredients :

Egg       1 no
Sweet Condensed Milk   ½ cup
Whole Milk  1 cup
Jaggery crushed  1/2 Cup (Required based on sweetness)
Elachi Powder    2 nos  (grinded)
Pepper Powder  ½ spoon

  •  In a Bowl Beat the egg thoroughly till no bubbles in it
  •  Add whole milk and  sweet condensed milk
  •  Add crushed jaggery so that it mixes well
  •   Add Pepper powder and Elachi Powder and mix it thoroughly
  •   Now filter the mixture in a bowl which fits in the pressure cooker
  •   Cook on low flame without whistle for 40 mints
  •    Refrigerate and serve it.
Note : Vegetarians can replace egg with 1 cup fresh yogurt

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  1. never had this fabulous sweet thank you for linking

  2. wow what a mouth watering sweet... here we dont get the junnu powder and surprised to see your recipe without junnu powder but we dont add egg in sweets. to my surprise again you told the recipe without egg too... definitely i will try and let you know....

    this is first time visit and i really love your blog.... you impressed in the first visit itsel...

    if time permits do visit mine...


  3. Never knew we get junnu powder (seembal)... gonna try.. I love it and miss it...
    Thanks for the recipe.. you have a wonderful space... Following u..

  4. first time here. This Junnu caught my attention. I have tasted this wonderful MIL makes it and good to have this recipe....urs look perfectly made :)

  5. Am a great fan of Seembaal(junnu)..don't know that its available in powdered form.Where to get that Sravani?

  6. @Mahi - Thanks for ur comments, I don't know if junnu powder is available in US..I bought some from india.

  7. Hello Sravani,
    I am from Hyderabad, can you tell me where do we get Junnu powder in Hyderabad? Thanks


  8. Hi, I have junnu pwdr but could not make out what you mean by a packet. Can you please provide the quantity.

  9. Can you please suggest me the Junnu powder names which are available in Hyderabad?

    Krishna Adari

    1. KAMADHENU junnu powder I am not sure about hyderabad...but available in vizag,vijayawada,kakinada.....

    2. I bought Kamdhenu brand colostrum powder (100 grams)at INR 200 online, but its MRP printed on packet is just @INR 40/100 grams.

  10. Kamadhenu Colostrum Powder available in Mumbai at

    Natraj - The Eats & Needs Store,
    Shop No 6, Neelkanth Gardens,
    Govandi East, Mumbai - 400088.
    #022 - 25585111


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