Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mango CheeseCake

Mango CheeseCake is always fantasized me as I didn’t have it anywhere. So I was wondering how it could taste. This is my first trial of a cheesecake and it came out so well. As the season of mango is in and I am all set that I made this dessert.

My love for mango cannot be frazzled enough and tried this scrumptious cake which tasted so heavily. This recipe doesn't require any baking.

Its light silky texture, smooth creamy is fun to make and tastes so delicious which impresses everyone and everyone will surly ask for another lovely bite!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Strawberry Choco Chips Muffins

Strawberry picking season has begun!! Last weekend we went for strawberry picking and wanted to do something with all the strawberries, seriously these strawberries were so fresh, juicy and craved to bake something right away after returning from picking. So last Saturday evening after picking baked these Delicious Muffins!! 

Strawberry and Choco Chips go so well in muffins. They tasted so yummy where the strawberries made the muffins moist and the chocolate chips gave sweet taste. We loved these Muffins!!