Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Indian Style Potato & Corn Salad

Indian Style Potato & Corn Salad is a wonderful alternative to regular potato salad. Used chaat masala and garam masala instead of mayonnaise/salad dressing.

This salad relies on the masala coating to pair with boiled potatoes, sweet corn, veggies and peanuts which provide a unique taste. Rich Healthy Salad!!!!


Potatoes – 3 no
Corn -1 cup
Olive Oil – 1 tsp
Onion chopped – ¼ cup
Tomato chopped – ¼ cup
Garam masala – ½ tsp
Chaat masala – 1 tsp
Lemon juice – 2tsps
Roasted peanuts – ¼ cup
Salt to taste
Lettuce – 2 leaves chopped
Pepper or red chilli powder– ½ tsp


  • Cook Potatoes in microwave in water for 10-15mins or till cooked.
  • Remove them and cool them and cut into bite sized cubes.
  • In a microwave safe take these cooked potatoes, corn, olive oil and chat masala and cook for 2 minutes by stirring in between.
  • After above mixture gets cooled.

  • In a salad bowl combine above mixture (cooked potatoes, corn,chat masala),chopped onions, tomato, lattice.
  • Mix lemon juice, garam masala, red chilli powder to form a dressing
  • Add salt to taste, mix well, tossing gently to combine.
  • Scatter roasted peanuts over it before serving. 
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  1. Indian style salad looks delicious.

  2. Sravani,this salad is simple to put together but I can bet on the excellent taste. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have added myself to your list of followers and look forward to your recipes:)

  3. Slurp..drooling here.Its so yummy..

  4. Nice combo of corn and potatoes, Srav and I'm loving it! :)
    I hope am for the first time and you have a lovely homely collection of recipes.
    Keep rocking girl! :)

  5. Simple and perfect salad for a salad-holic like me..

  6. loved this indian twist to the potato salad- good one !

  7. yummy and wonderful salad, love to have this as a meal

  8. Potato in a salad: interesting combo and healthy too..

  9. Delicious and healthy salad..nice combo

  10. Such a yummy and delicious looking salad :D great :D

  11. I love this. I can feel the crunchiness of the peanuts.


  12. Love healthy salads like these..I too make a peanut salad with cucumber.Love it..

  13. Yum, love the idea, sounds super delicious :)

  14. Very healthy and hearty salad ..

  15. Very yummy salad, thank you for linking with Any One Can Cook :)

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