Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hawaii – Fun Vacation

One of the reasons for my month long absence from blogging here is --- we were having vacation in Hawaii.  It was much needed vacation for both of us; I was dreadfully busy with my job with very excessive deadlines in my projects. I and my husband wanted a break from our regular work and to relax.  I have to say that this vacation is one of my dreams which my husband fulfilled it. Hawaii is one of the beautiful and awesome places.

We visited two islands – Big Island and Kauai

Aloha !!!!!!!!!!
The Big Island of Hawaii is full of excitement and adventures.  We hiked  Volcano Mountain.  Viewed spectacular active lava flow at Kilauea – the world’s largest Active  volcano. Enjoyed the Island’s best beaches – White Sand, Black Sand, and Green Sand (no kidding) which are unique and very interesting beaches.

The Big Island of Hawaii is divided in half by three volcanoes. To the east is Hilo which is the windward side of the island and here we enjoyed the lush tropical scenery of Hilo Bay and Queen Liluokalani Gardens. , Beautiful waterfalls from rain forest at Akaka Falls and Rainbow Falls.

And to the west is the Kona side which is the leeward side of the island and here we visted to all the beaches of Kona and Kohala, the hills of Waimea and stunning Kealakekua Bay.

Kauai is full of scenic wonders and historic places. Visited the most famous and breathtaking Waimea Canyon – “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific”. We hiked on Kokee State Park which is world’s wettest spot and also one of the finest hiking trails.

Next we visited Napali Coast enjoyed the amazing scenery and awesome sunset view. This is most challenging hiking we did. This leads to Beach of Hanakapiai which is one of the world’s dangerous beaches.

Hope you guys like my clicks !!!


  1. Looks like you had awesome break...Such a beautiful place...and lovely clicks..

  2. Wow!!!!! must be a fun trip.Last Dec. we too went to Kawai,Big Island &Honolulu.

  3. Beautiful place! Thanks for sharing the pics. These breaks are so refreshing and must! :)

  4. Breathtaking pictures...Glad to see that you had a great time.

  5. Hawaii is such a lovely place and glad you had such a great vacation.

  6. Indeed Hawaii is a beautiful place, realy feast to eyes, thanks for soo beautiful clicks.

  7. so beautiul place....thanx 4 sharing

  8. hope you had a fabulous holiday...the pics are too good..... thanks for sharing..

  9. Photos are too good sravani. Thanks for posting.

  10. Sweet couple had a jolly trip:)

  11. Thanks for this post,Sravs..
    Beautiful pix..

  12. Awesome Snaps Yaar


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